What is gold plating and gold vermeil?


Generally refers to silver articles plated with a thin layer of gold.Can only be used for silver products
GoldVermeil is similar to Gold Plated jewelry, but the difference is that the gold layer is thicker and the metal underneath is pure silver. It has a longer life span than gold-plated jewelry, but if exposed to water, sweat or perfume, it will still lose its luster, otherwise, the gold may eventually be scratched and worn away.
Compared with Gold Plated, Gold Vermeil has the advantage that it has a lower allergy due to its pure silver layer. If the gold-plated layer is very thin, the goldplated jewelry is likely to corrode,causing your skin to come into contact with base metals.925 sterling silver is generally less allergenic than alloy substrates such as zinc and nickel.
Therefore, when we introduce gold-plated and rose gold 925 sterling silver products to our customers, we can use the word Gold Vermeil. In this way, it not only shows professionalism, but also improves the grade About GOLD VERMEIL


Gold plating refers to a thin layer of gold covering the surface of a gold plated object, or refers to the coating process of the coating. The coating does not constitute any measurable proportion of the total weight of the product. It is estimated to be 0.05% or less of themetal product.Gold plating usually wears out quickly and exposes metalbased products. It cannot withstand high temperature, water or long-term wear and tear.
Generally foreigners think that the word plated is more plated on base metal
(Note: Don’t confuse gold plating with “Vermeil” (remember this term).The latter is a thicker gold plating of pure silver rather than base metals. To truly qualify for Vermeil, the plating should be the minimum thickness 2.5 microns, and always on sterling silver.)



Gold plated generally can be copper, silver or other metals inside, and the gold plating layer is relatively thin, about 0.01-0.03, which is very uniformly faded; gold vermeil is pure silver inside, and the gold plating layer is relatively thick, generally 0.1-5micron can be called gold vermeil. Customers in some regions will think that 2.5 micron can be called gold vermeil

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